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Graphic Design / Marketing Services Available
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Hi everyone,

Just putting myself out there. I am a designer/advertiser with 9 years of experience, if you need any design work done I may be able to lend a hand. I work on branding, marketing collateral, web site design, advertising/promotional materials, and most broadcast media.

Like I said, I am available for freelance work, I am passionate about design as I am of triathlon. Feel free to see my work at

I appreciate any feedback!

If you want to contact me, you can email me at:
choyle@goodjujubranding.com [email]

Thanks to anyone and everyone who reads this for your time.

all the best,
christian hoyle.
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Re: Graphic Design / Marketing Services Available [choyle] [ In reply to ]
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Not too bad.

Consider revising the font in the first footer that says "
View Christian's Resume for more information.|choyle@goodjujubranding.com|469-233-4663 mobile". It's a little jaring and you already seem to have around 3-4 other fonts on the page.
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