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Firefighter Job
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I wanted to share with those who would like to consider a new career. the department I work for is hiring in the coming month. The only requirements are: 18 y/o, no felonies, and a OK driving record. I have been working for this department for 8 years and have had a great time. We work on average 10 days a month on three week rotating schedule. It is somewhat hard to explain (my family still is not always sure when I work) but I'll try week 1: T, TH, Sat. Week 2: Mon, Fri. Week 3: Sun and Wed. As you can see week one is the roughest since you work every other day, but, on week two the is a 3 day break and on week three a 5 day mini vacation. any way we are searching for great candidates.


the process is a s follows: 1st. apply online. 2nd written test. 3rd physiscal test. 4th interview.

Good luck

east coast Carlos
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