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Endurance Council - bloggers (you write/we link you're business)
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  • Email your interest to be a part of a network of panel experts (bloggers) or just have a single contribution you would like to make (bicivelosports@live.com)

  • Do you want to share your knowledge in health/fitness/lifestyle or other related fields and get recognition as an author? Endurance Council is an up and coming Health and Human Performance Network...a panel of experts in their given field that contribute their knowledge via articles and write-ups on the blog-site!
    We are seeking experts (or those that have good solid information to share) in the "health" related fields. Be it in nutrition, exercise, mental health, general health, yoga, athletic training, massage or any other physical/mental health arenas, we would love for you to participate in writing articles or even short write-ups for www.endurancecouncil.com! This site is just starting up, so forgive it's (under construction) feel...it will come together quickly!

  • Of course, if you become a contributing panel expert in your given field, we will surely have you plug your business as much as you need to, run specials for you and of course, attach your company's website link onto our website/blogsite!
    There is so much great information out there that you, in your given field may think is so 101 and basic, but trust me, many many people want and crave knowledge and know little about many health/fitness categories, so contribute and share! We'll take your article, add great and relevant images throughout, promote each article on all our social media outlets and hopefully get hits to your business in return!

  • Thanks and please let me know if you want to be an Endurance Council author and panel expert!

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