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New Fit Tools released
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I've talked with a number of members of this forum over the last while about the fit tools we've been developing, usually following my posting of output in answer to questions. And I talked to a couple of you at the Interbike fit symposium yesterday.
Having gained Dans approval to post about our product launch today I can now say more about what we're doing.
www.velogicfit.com is where we're providing a couple of (hopefully) useful tools and information.
Our headline act is the Professional 3D system - Microsoft Kinect based motion capture with online report including video - all aimed at enhancing the clients experience.

Also of interest around here would be the Superbike calculator - which gives precise setup info for proprietary tri bikes. Limited models at the moment but will be freely available (have to be registered on the site) until I have full planned functionality and an adequate number of brands. Dan said it would be impossible to model the Trek Speed Concept in a frame finder, so I'm quite pleased to have proved that not to be the case.

Frame comparison is a quick side by side of two frames with bar xy calcs (also currently free to site members)
Advanced fit system is a frame finder that works from XY or saddle-bar reach/drop with 140 brands, also offers a static fit function to get things started.

If you'd like to visit us at Interbike we're at booth 22256, tucked behind a particularly attractive sprayed concrete pillar.

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