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Exit MK 2 Fit bike for Sale - Like new
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This is a really awesome bike fitting machine.

Fully analogue it works without subscription fees or electricity.
Very fast and easy to adjust the settings: fore/ aft + up down of both seat and handlebars.
The output is a frame stack and reach.

The quick switch seat post let’s you swap saddles and adjust tilt in seconds. ($525 us)

Vari-Cranks let you trial any crank arm length from 165-185mm ($700 us)

There is a power tap smart trainer (plus power cord) and also knee dots so you can use a laser (not included) to track knee movement. ($600us)

You could easily pair this with a retul type motion capture system to have one of the best systems going.

It is simple, robust and accurate.
It also has one of the smallest foot prints out there to save floor space or even put in the trunk to offer mobile dirt services.

It’s 3 years old but I only use it 4 ish times a year and it’s not worth it.

This is your best bang for your buck in fitbikes.

Retail is over $9000 us or over 12,000 Canadian with tax and shipping.

I am open to delivery possibilities between Edmonton/ Calgary/ Vancouver / Vegas/ San Diego.

Let me know if you have more questions.
Open to reasonable offers.



I will keep this saddle but handlebars stem and dummy brake hoods are included.

The machine it it's low position

SwitchIt close up. Allows for Very fast saddle changes and easy/ quick tilt adjustments, calibrated so that you can quantify what angle/ measure you are at.

Front end reach adjust close up.

Everything at it's "Tall" position. Foreground are the bands for knee dots plus the power cord for the trainer.

Front view: beautifully crafted.

Front end stack adjustment knob.

Close up of the Vari Crank, so you can easily test different crank arm lengths.

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Re: Exit MK 2 Fit bike for Sale - Like new [Nat Faulkner] [ In reply to ]
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Nat, is this still available and, if so, what is your asking price?
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