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ACME Seat Cleat Saddle Changer
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Hey All,
Pardon the blatant self promotion but I did ask Dan permission before posting this! For the last few years I've been working on a project which is finally available for sale. The Patented ACME Seat Cleat is a bike fitting tool designed to make saddle swapping during a fit session super easy and 100% not frustrating allowing you to actually enjoy experimenting with different saddles during your fit sessions. The device fits seamlessly on a Guru DFU 2.0 (without the saddle rails shown below) and has a universal set of saddle rails to fit any other other fit bike.

You will sell more saddles, do faster fits and have happier customers.

With our system a male cleat is installed on your saddle using two 5mm hex bolts and the saddles attaches to the receiver with a simple insert and twist motion similar to a Garmin. The saddles are held in place with a simple rotary latch and there is a +/- 15 degree tilt adjustment built into the device. The cleats easily move from saddle to saddle if you don't want to own a bunch of them, it takes less time generally to change a cleat over to a different saddle than it does for a client to get a sense of how a saddle feels. I've used 4 cleats very comfortably without feeling like that was slowing me down. The device adds about 60mm of stack height to your fit bike but if it is a Guru DFU 2.0 it only adds 10mm.

The assembly is $550 with the universal mount saddle rail and $525 w/o (Guru 2.0 Compatible) and that includes 3 cleats. Extra cleats are $45 each.

More info is on our website: https://www.acmebicycleco.com/seat-cleat

Let me know if you have any questions: jonathan@acmebicycleco.com

Jonathan Blyer,
ACME Bicycle Co., Brooklyn, NY
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