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Sold Velotoez aero leg sleeves
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My legs have never met an aero sock or calf sleeve that works better than what I was born with. I'm weird like that.

Have a pair of Velotoez aero leg sleeves to sell.

SZ: White, S/M

Used for < 3minutes, then washed & hung to dry.

$20 I'll cover shipping you, cover pp fees. Or venmo for $20 flat.

PM me

Brian Stover USAT LII
Accelerate3 Coaching
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Re: Velotoez aero leg sleeves FS [desert dude] [ In reply to ]
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Brian - Still got these? I'd give them a shot. (really I thought I ordered Aero-Coach calf sleeves weeks ago in time for the tunnel but couldn't find my confirmation email to check on status. Found the item still in my cart... *facepalm*)

Let me know your paypal and if you can get them in the mail this week (need them in NC on the 16th)
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