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Sold: ENVE SES 70mm Rear Wheel with G3 PowerTap - $old
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Great condition Enve SES 70mm rear wheel with G3 Powertap. Bearings roll smooth and the powertap has been problem free. Sat on my TT bike and didn't see much use and selling as I am clearing out the spare parts bin. Never crashed and was part of a 6.7 wheelset and the front wheel came to an unfortunate early end of life after forgetting it was next to car after loading bike in car.

PM for pics or more info.
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Re: FS: ENVE SES 70mm Rear Wheel with G3 PowerTap - $500 [CTwhippet] [ In reply to ]
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PM sent

"...Rocketbrother for being fast responses, shipping fast, delivering high quality packaging and products. A pleasure..."
"...rocketbrother is an extremely reliable seller and very knowledgable".
"Bottom line, if he posts something, buy it! A+ seller by a long way..."
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