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Feeler: Thinking of selling my Fenix 3 *SOLD*
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I've been considering a Suunto Spartan but can't justify it unless I sell my Fenix 3.

It's a black (or dark grey?) Fenix 3, not optical heart rate, not sapphire, that I bought from REI about 18 months ago. It's in fine shape, barely a minor scratch on the casing, I can post or send pictures if there's interest.

I don't know what a Fenix 3 goes for these days and I'd be happy to keep the watch, I just really like the Spartan. Anyone interested?

Edit: sold
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Re: Feeler: Thinking of selling my Fenix 3 [Northy] [ In reply to ]
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pm sent

"Heart Rate, Watts, I have no idea, I race, I don't pace." Andrew Starykowicz
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