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FOUND: WTB TT bike for my trainer (size 52-54, <$1.5k)
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Hey everyone,

I am interested in buying a TT bike specifically that I can keep on my trainer. All I really care about is that the drivetrain is in relatively good shape and that I can adjust the tt pads and bars to mimic my race TT bike. I do not really care about aerodynamics, weight, brakes, wheels, age of the bike, 10sp/11sp etc.

Ideally I would like to keep it under $1,500 all in (including shipping to Bow, NH) but for a good deal, I can go higher. I would love a Felt but any brand will do. I am open to offers.

Please dm me with offers or leads that you may have.

Thank you!
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Re: WTB TT bike for my trainer (size 52-54, <$1.5k) [karmatraining] [ In reply to ]
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