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(potentially) Free Massages at IMAZ
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My massage therapist is volunteering at IMAZ (as he has done for the last two years) but would like to come down during expo days and have access to a hotel room near the venue to be able to provide massages for a few extra $$. The massage rooms (banquet rooms) in the host hotel are all assigned to one of the schools that is providing the majority of the volunteers. I suppose he could rent a room, but they are expensive and he lives 6 miles away, so it is kind of silly.

I thought perhaps someone doing the race would like to barter with Harold (please leave me out of it) for X number of free massages for use of their nearby hotel room.

If interested, please contact Harold directly @ http://www.magichandsholisticmassage.com/

PS, He is VERY, VERY good.

R, Bill
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