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"Funny Bike" tt bike (similar to what Joe B rides)
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Posting this for an acquaintance who is selling all his bikes and parts due to family health crisis - I'm forwarding this link to an ebay action because it might be of interest to Slowtwitchers - it's for a TT funny bike (small front wheel) as used to great effect by the inimitable Joe Bonness:


He's got a few other items out there including a small track bike.

He's also offered the funny bike for a virtual "buy it now" on various email lists he frequents for (I think) $600, so presumably it could get sold out from under the auction, not sure - contact him directly if you have questions about that. Anyway, he's a good guy and he and his wife are facing big medical bills, it's a legit sale despite his virgin ebay id (google 'spencer yates cycling').
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