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FS: Specialized Aerostem and Carbon bars - make an offer
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Specialized aerostem and carbon basebar/extensions for sale. Recently bought a new cockpit for my bike and looking to get rid of the old one. Honestly I've no idea how much to charge for them. I'm the second owner of the bars. Everything works fine but there are a few scratches on the bars from years of riding. All the bolts could probably use replacing but doing that and some sanding on the aluminum pieces solves most of the cosmetic issues with them. Stem can either be 60mm or 90mm based on spacer placement. Internally routed cables. 50mm of stack adjustment.

Pics - https://photos.app.goo.gl/N78K6xD4JWr5JHMQ6

The smudge on the underside of the aerobars should come off with some goo gone. Couple dings on the stem and corner of basebar.
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