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Re: Is this a terrible idea? [cloy] [ In reply to ]
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cloy wrote:
dunno wrote:
indianacyclist wrote:
I would hate only having a TT bike...

Do you do group rides? Race on the road? Enjoy leisurely paced stuff?

If any of those apply, I would keep the road bike and wait til you can swing the Canyon

I enjoy riding my TT bike as much as my roadie. I do groups rides but figured I could sit on the front or well of the back, either way I do need to spend more time on the TT bike for IM.

It's worth mentioning that a few years ago, there was an article by Rapp in which he essentially argued that it's better to ride a road bike than it is to ride a TT bike on the bull bars. Reason being that the geometry of a proper road fit mimics cycling in aero on a TT bike than riding upright on a TT bike does. So if your justification for the new TT bike is "more time on the TT bike," I'd reconsider, at least if you plan on doing group rides not in aero as a sizeable portion of that volume.

Additionally, riding upright on a TT bike is mighty uncomfortable. I rode with my mom last week while I was visiting her, and all I had was the tri bike. After 40 minutes upright, my shoulders and arms were not happy.


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