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New bike decision
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Just sold my old tri bike (ceepo katana) due to frame size being too small (fit evolved through time).
My fit coords (to back of pads) is
Pad x: 450mm pad y: 580mm

I have Hed disc + 60 front as race wheels (rim brake)
The options I have now:
1. 2016 cervelo p3 (size 51) - new (mech ult).. Will probably add tririg frontend and brakes, will be around 2800usd total
2. 2018 speedmax slx size s(red etap) - used in a good condition. around 4500 usd
3. Wait for argon18 new tri bike, need to replace wheels to disc compat. Will prob. cost 6000 usd or so
4. Trek SC 2019, new, ult di2, prob. Around 5000 usd or so
What would you suggest?
Will the cervelo fit me well?

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Re: New bike decision [Discus] [ In reply to ]
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P3 with Alpha One aerobars and Omega brakes, $4k. Unless you *really* must have electronic shifting, then the Trek SC, or just upgrade the P3.

With a pad reach of 450 and a pad stack of 580 you're a 51cm P3 using the TriRig calculator and/or you're a 51 or 54cm P5d using the Cervelo calculator.

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Re: New bike decision [Discus] [ In reply to ]
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New 2018 P5 Di2 size 54 $4900
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