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Triple T - Toughman Bike
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Reading about the new course and getting nervous. I am not afraid of climbing hills but not a great decenter and oftentimes brake on the way down.

I have a P3 and an old aluminum road bike that I could never use.

The website says bring proper gearing and above is what ive got. Wondering if I should do an alternate race I have on June 2nd...
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Re: Triple T - Toughman Bike [GoJohnnyGo] [ In reply to ]
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I rode the courses last weekend.

Bring the P3 with a compact and an 11-32.

The descents are either slow-twisty where you'll be on your brakes the whole way down or long and straight with minimal braking needed. There is nothing in between those extremes (like fast switchbacks) where a road bike may be preferred (IMO)
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