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Hard Shell Case sizing
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I've searched through the other posts before addressing this, so apologies if I missed a prior post. I've read the pros/cons about soft/hard cases and how anything carries risk. I realize the soft-case owners seem to love their soft cases, but my question concerns only hard shell cases (which therefore receive the $3500 airline claim coverage for damage).

I seek to just confirm understanding that there is no decent hard shell case for my new Triathlon bike that meets either the 62-inch (1574 mm) or the 80-inch (2030 mm) linear measurement requirement for flying. SWA, for instance, says it will charge as "oversized" $75/oneway for between 62 and 80-inch linear measurement, but the stated cost can get quite punitive beyond that measurement.

In general, I've seen a lot of kudos for the Premier Tactical case but that doesn't appear to be sold separately from their bikes anyway. It seems most hard cases are beyond 80 inches tipping toward 95 inches (2400+ mm) linear. TriAll3 Safe cases are favored but all seem above 90"; Same for BikeBoxAlan, SciCon Aerotech Evolution, Buxom Tourmalet and Thule Roundtrip Pro XT.

While airlines apparently often "don't measure" if the case is below weight (50 lbs or 100 lbs) limits, if someone is aware of a decent hardshell exterior case that ALSO meets the measurement limit that would be helpful info to me.

TL;DR: Decent HARD shell case < 80" linear (203 cm)?
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Re: Hard Shell Case sizing [Mattyc44] [ In reply to ]
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I know one, but, unfortunately it is not available in US:

dimensions: 108-67-27cm, weight 6.7kg.

I did not find internal form, but I know it is there.

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