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Connected bike light question
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Other than the Garmin and Bontrager lights, are there any other bike lights that can connect to and be controlled by a Garmin head unit (Edge 1030)?

Interested in any advice on selecting lights for use on road and gravel.

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Re: Connected bike light question [bpe] [ In reply to ]
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The full, up to date list is at https://www.thisisant.com/directory. Click "Bike lights & accessories" to see them.

The quick answer is that you're mostly stuck with Garmin and Bontrager. Cycliq (Fly 6 and Fly 12) and a random Giant branded light are also on the list.

I have the newest Bontrager Flare combo connected to a 520 Plus and am pretty happy with them. The "auto" goes for high visibility during the day and tones it down at night to what you need vs. what's wildly distracting to motorists. There's plenty of other settings too. It's really convenient that the lights turn on and go to the desired mode just by starting a ride. I had to disconnect them from my Fenix though because there was a light show in my basement every time I used my treadmill. I think there's a bit of battery drain (of the lights) while not in use because they are always on standby vs. being actually off.
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Re: Connected bike light question [dangle] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks. That's a great reference website.
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