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Coaching Company Administrative Assistant Needed - POSITION FILLED
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About ETA Coach:
ETA Coach is an endurance sports coaching company dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities in
endurance athletics, nutrition, fitness, wellness, and health. Established in 2006, ETA has since grown to
become one of the premier coaching companies in the mid-Atlantic region and serves hundreds of athletes
annually. ETA provides tailored one-on-one coaching services as well as open-water swim events, clinics, and
additional consulting services. Historically the company has been based in Philadelphia, PA but we have
coaches and clients from around the world. Part of ETA’s coaching staff, including the Head Coach/Owner, are
currently located in Fort Collins, CO.

The Role:
The Administrative Assistant will report directly to the Head Coach and Owner. He or she will be responsible
for responding to all inbound inquiries via email, phone and social media in a timely manner and arranging
meetings between coaches and new athletes. The administrative assistant will also assist with payroll
management, facilities booking, business financial tools, and proactive marketing efforts. This role will require
the applicant to provide his or her own computer and phone.
The role will require a commitment of 10-12 hours per week, with some flexibility due to natural fluctuations in
business. The compensation is $18/hr. Applicants should know that this role has the potential to grow in
scope and responsibilities if the new hire can do his or her job well.

Our Ideal Candidate:
You share our passion for holistic coaching, and our mission to empower athletes of all ability levels.
Minimum Qualifications:
● High School Diploma
● Experienced triathlete/cyclist/runner/swimmer
● High level of comfort with email, social media, digital communications
● Strong interpersonal skills and a self-starter

Preferred Qualifications:
● Bachelor’s Degree in a related field (health & exercise science, sports medicine, ect.)
● Experience with endurance sports coaching
● Social Media marketing experience
● Proven track-record of administrative work
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Re: Coaching Company Administrative Assistant Needed - POSITION FILLED [APKTRI] [ In reply to ]
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