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Back of pad vs. Mid-Pad
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I have been deliberating for a while on a cockpit upgrade, so have probably been overthinking this. Helped by the fact that I have been on constant travel for the past year with bike in storage.

On slowtwitch, most of us define Pad X as mid pad. I currently have a set of vision pads, They are short (front to back). For the sake of argument, let's say they measure 60mm. If I switch to Tririg or Speedshop 51, the pads are about 100-110mm.

Right now, my elbow rest on the edge of the pads. If I switch to larger pads but keep the same X, then my elbow would sit in the middle of the pad. Somehow it feels like the relationship between elbow and the edge of the pad is more important. Am I wrong in that thinking?

I am also implying that the retul fit of looking at back of pad might be more important.
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