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Old Neoprene, more fragile?
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So I bought and old second hand orca equip. Mainly because I gained weight and my other suit is not fiting (YET!).
Anyway, this is the most fragile wetsuit I've ever had. First orca as well.
I've had QR and Blue Seventy, and I've had no tears on the blue seventies (two westsuits), and only two or the on the QR.

I've worn the Orca twice. The first time I made like 5 tears, not using my fingernails of course. The second time I made two tears... All of them on the legs, maybe I was pulling too hard? The arms seem quite resistant.

So I don't know if it is because it is an old wetsuit, or because it is an orca, or maybe the model... any ideas?

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Re: Old Neoprene, more fragile? [chamuco] [ In reply to ]
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Did you soak it in water before putting it on? I’ve read you need to rehydrate wetsuits if they haven’t been used in awhile. May be what contributed to it being so fragile.
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