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Training Block Question
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I have been following a training program for the last couple of years that involves 3 hard weeks, followed by a recovery week.

I am considering trying a program that would involve 10 consecutive days of hard training, followed by 4 recovery days (with maybe a few, short, easy workouts during the 4 recovery days).

The overall volume and intensity should remain the same.

I appreciate-

More specific:
Age -47
Current (3 week hard/1 week recovery)- The hard weeks involve 18 hrs/wk with one day off, the recovery week involves 8 hrs/wk with 2 days off.
Proposed (10 days hard/4 recovery)- 31 hrs in 10 days hard, 1 day off, 1 day with 20 minute each SBR, another 2 days off)
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Re: Training Block Question [Velocibuddha] [ In reply to ]
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Depends on how you respond and where you are at in your race vs training schedule.

You can try it out and see how you respond.

The trick with any program is variability. You're body will get used to 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Mixing it up with a combo might jump start a new level of fitness gains.

But, I kind of questions 31 hours of training in 10 days? I'd make sure you don't over load and cause injuries.

BUT, I have to work programs like that with my athletes that work shifts. They can work 3 days straight and then have 4 to train. Smashes the traditional weekly plan.

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