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Sweat Science
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Hello All,

I was surprised at how hot internal temps were during exercise.

Wondering if some secondary benefit as an artificial fever for disease prevention ...... ??



At the 2016 world championships in Qatar, cyclists swallowed thermometer pills before competing. Here’s what scientists learned.

The first event of the 2016 UCI Road World Championships in Qatar was the women’s team time trial, a 40-kilometer race under the mid-afternoon sun in temperatures averaging 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit (36.9 C). That morning, three cyclists from one of the teams had swallowed ingestible core-temperature-sensing thermometer pills with their breakfast, as part of a study to investigate the effects of hot-weather exercise in real-world competitive conditions.

When researchers later downloaded the data, the three women had peak temperatures during the race ranging from 105.4 to 106.7 degrees (40.8 to 41.5 C)—all higher than the 105 degree (40.5 C) threshold that’s considered a key diagnostic sign of exertional heat stroke. Yet they hadn’t collapsed. In fact, the team won a medal.

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Cheers, Neal

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