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Tri coaches Denver area?
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Hi everyone,
I have been competing in triathlon for several years and a FOP (some races) to MOP. I currently train with a group (sort of) and a coach who sends individual workout plans (sort of). I have found myself quite burned out on the group and coach the past few years. The coach trains with us (which is fine) but does very little actual coaching. His focus is on his workout more than ours. I am frustrated with this issue and other issues (more related to group dynamics, big egos, etc.). I am looking for another coach and possibly a group but my issue is that I am not a novice triathlete and I am not really, really slow but MOP. I also train with a masters swim group. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks! KK
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Re: Tri coaches Denver area? [Kat_Kong] [ In reply to ]
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You can't throw a stone in Denver/Boulder without hitting a tri coach. Literally almost everyone I know who races also coaches some athletes and there is a range in coaching from people who coach a few people on the side to coaches who have a lot of athletes and have made a good business out of it. It really depends on your goals, budget, and what you are looking for from the experience. If you are looking for a team or a group with some coaching, I would look into MHM or Tribella.

What part of town are you in? I joined Susan Williams' group, Elite Multisport Coaching, a few years back to swim their masters workouts, which were awesome, and they have a nice, close knit group of experienced athletes. EMC is based in Littleton. I had a separate coach at the time, so I can't speak to the coaching, but I believe it was individualized based on your goals and experience.

I know some women in Denver are also part of Vixxen Racing, although I think this is geared more towards FOP athletes. Eric Kenney of EK Endurance coaches that group, which is based in Boulder, but I know athletes from the Denver area who commute up there to train with him.

If you don't want a group dynamic, there are tons of other possibilities.
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