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PSA: Femmebassadors Wanted!
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Hi Ladies! De Soto Sport is looking to expand their Femmebassador Team for 2017. They have a few requirements but also many perks and we are looking for strong, independent athletes who can be a good example for all women and help to grow the presence of women in triathlon. De Soto Sport would love to hear from you! Email: femme@desotosport.com if you are interested before March 29!
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Re: PSA: Femmebassadors Wanted! [sdtrigirl] [ In reply to ]
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Hello Ladies - me again - we heard from so many of you but we decided we still want more - shoot me an email before June 30 if you're interested. Thanks!!

Tracy M. De Soto
Femme Designer/CFO/Attorney
De Soto Sport
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