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Introducing Guru Range of RIght and Guru Level 1 Fit Education
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We want to invite the Fitters out there in Slowtwitch world to join us at our upcoming Level 1 Bike Fit Workshop in Bethel, CT taught by Mat Steinmetz of 51 Speedshop and Jonathan Blyer of ACME Bicycle Co. and also to introduce you to our new motion capture system, Range of Right®.

Introducing Guru Range of Right®

We are very excited to announce the launch of our stand-alone motion capture bike fit solution, coined Range of Right®. The easy to use system provides fitters with a valuable tool at a very reasonable cost. The motion capture system can be used with any fitting bike or with a bike mounted on a stationary trainer.

What is Range of Right®?
Range of Right® uses the Microsoft Kinect V2 camera to identify landmarks and measure bio-mechanical fit data of the rider. Working with our team of fit advisers, we have developed a set of suggested ranges for the angles and measurements collected by the camera. In addition to this exciting new motion capture technology, we have revamped our Level 1 and Level 2 education to incorporate Range of Right® data, in addition to many other key elements to offer professional bike fitting services.

Range of Right® Product Info:
  • Collects and displays dynamic bio-mechanical data in real time
  • Displays calculated measurements of key metrics used most by bike fitters
  • For cyclists of all disciplines (Road, Triathlon, Mountain, Cyclocross, Recreation, etc.)
  • For use on an athlete’s bike or with the any fitting bike
  • Uses adhesive reflective markers to identify landmarks
  • Measures bio-mechanical data at speeds of up to 36 frames per second
  • Works in all lighting conditions
  • Semi-automated report generation with screen shots and bio-mechanical measurements
  • Low start up and running cost, requires Windows 10 and a Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Sensor
Range of Right is expected to be released by October 31st and will have a one time cost of $2,750 for the software license.
For more information please visit our website.

Level 1 Education:
Registration is now open for our upcoming Level 1 education course on October 25-27th in Bethel, CT. This course is valuable for fitters of all levels and covers many topics spanning from Bike Fit fundamentals, to interpreting Range of Right® motion capture data, to properly measuring and setting up a bicycle and much more.

Registration: http://www.gurucycling.com/schedule/

Who is this class for?
This course is open to all with an interest in offering professional bike fitting services. While this course is taught using our Dynamic Fit bike, the protocol and information learned in the course can be applied to any fit bike or to a bike mounted on a stationary trainer.

Course Highlights:
  • Bike Fitting Fundamentals - the core ideals behind a proper fitting bike
  • Learning proper fit flow to take your client from start to finish in an efficient yet thorough manner
  • Learning proper application of the Range of Right® markers to your client’s body
  • Learning to use bio-mechanical data collected through Guru’s Range of Right® software to help make fit decisions
  • Understanding the influence of contact points on rider posture and optimization techniques
  • Understanding the different fit requirements of different disciplines, Road, Triathlon, Mountain, Cyclocross and Recreation
  • Extensive hands on fit practice with other students and instructors

Click here for more information
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