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Tubeless road wheels/tires
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This fall I bought a Trek Domane w/ Bontrager Race wheels. It came w/ Bontrager R2 tubeless tires (700x25) on it. I decided I love tubeless road wheels/tires. I just bought a speed concept with the same wheels, but Bontrager R3 clincher tires (700x23) on it. I want to have the same set up on both bikes and want to put tubeless tires on the wheels that came with the Speed Concept. The guys at the bike shop said the wheels are tubeless ready. I interpret that to mean I can buy tubeless tires and put them on, pump them up (put sealant in them) and ride.

I've asked a couple people for different tire recommendations and today I was told by someone that I would need $250 for the upgrade kit, which includes tires, TLR specific rim tape, TLR specific valves, sealant. And that I should stick with Bontrager tires. This is not coming from someone who has any stake in what tires I buy.

I'm fine with that if it is in fact the case, but I'm not yet convinced that I need all that for my wheels since the guys at the bike shop said they are tubeless ready.

Any advice/information would be appreciated.


ETA: Oops meant to post this in main forum, but feel free to advise :-)
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