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Fitting Professionals and Payment?
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The first couple times I fit a pro I was positively giddy and of course I wanted to do the fit for free. Fast forward a few years, I'm getting more and more of them. Do you all charge the pros same as amateurs? Offer sponsorship to the cash strapped?

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Re: Fitting Professionals and Payment? [Dave Luscan] [ In reply to ]
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There are two situations where I'll do a free or discounted fit for a pro:

1. As a "sponsorship", if the athlete really needs the fit, can't afford it, and is an up and comer who I want to personally support. Wanting to support that particular athlete involves a lot of criteria (that I try to keep consistent). They should be young, good attitude, not a dick, etc.

2. As a business decision, if I know that this person is going to drive business to me or increase my name recognition. Then I'm just bartering for the value they're adding to my business.
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Re: Fitting Professionals and Payment? [vjohn] [ In reply to ]
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If you don't charge for a fit the value of the fit is 0.Your time and knowledge are worth nothing to the Pro. I would ether discount or work out a sponsorship agreement.
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Re: Fitting Professionals and Payment? [Happy] [ In reply to ]
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Totally agree. Do the sponsorship with the riders' coach or team director, not the rider himself.

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