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Weekly How'd You Do: July 11
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Week went well and I’m psyched about my race. My goals were swim whatever worked out, ride 4x one with vo2 max intervals (rode 3x, no intervals), run 6 times (done). Eating – 5/7 – fatigue gets to me so quickly and I make less than stellar food choices.

M – 30 mi bike, 6.5 mi run
T – 6.2 mi run + 2100 yd swim
W – 6.3 mi run + 3500 yd swim
T – 8.5 mi run (5 x 5 min @ 3.5% incline, 8.6 mph) + 17 mi bike
F – 10.55 mi run + 10 mi bike
S – 8 mi run (last half at 3% incline)
S – Half marathon race (2nd F OV, 1:42:05)

totals: 5600 yd swim, 57 mi bike, 60.6 mi run.

Goals for this week: R calf is quite a bit sore from race so ??? I guess the goals are to even out all the running with more bike and swim.

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Re: Weekly How'd You Do: July 11 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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last week's goals:
- 4 runs: WIN
- 3 bike: WIN, though not what i would've liked.
- 3 swim: FAIL. 1 only.
- 5 core/strength/rehab exercises from chiro: FAIL. 4 only.
- back to business with training and nutrition: FAIL due to re-injuring my back monday, then enjoying ice cream after saturday's race ;)
- have fun doing the warrior dash with my sweetheart on saturday: WIN!

this week's goals:
- 4 runs
- 3 bike WITHOUT hurting my back again!
- 3 swim now that i know the new pool schedules *grumble*
- 5 core/strength/rehab

running the cambridge highland games kilted 8k solo on saturday (then hitting the games after with my sweetie, though i can't have beer OR the awesome haggis pie they have there!), then the 4k dirty dash mud race on sunday as a spouses team with tanker! whee!


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Re: Weekly How'd You Do: July 11 [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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Yikes, week's over!

Last week's goals:
M thru F: ride to & from work; EeZee run at lunch with strides; stay loose and comfy. => I rode 4/5 days, and ran 4/5 days, but felt GOOD
W or R: one evening swim (after kids are in bed) => FAIL the only swim I did last week was at the race!
St: drive to Vashon, pre-ride the course, get comfy and relax if possible => Didn't pre-ride but hey, I had beer ;-)
Sn: XTERRA Vashon Island - have FUN and finish upright and smiling. => Barely finished upright, but I did.

This week's goals:
- Rest more than not. I am pretty beat up from Vashon, so get better (esp my foot owowowowow)
- Ride 2-3 times to work
- Run 2x ez

I need to be recovered fully, as it's now time to start my marathon ramp up (Sept 25th; Bellingham Bay Marathon). I am finding that the more I ride to & from work on a daily basis, the less running I am doing. I am not happy about that. Even my pants fit funny in the quad region now (loose on hips/butt, tight on lower thighs). Not good - at least not for running. I think I might have to look at doing some runs to/from work instead of the riding...


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