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Help Wanted: Graphic Designer for Bike Business (Boulder CO)
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Excel Sports Boulder is located in Boulder Colorado in cycling central. We are a small cycling company that deals locally, nationally and internationally. We are now looking for a new graphic designer to collaborate with our staff and produce our catalogs, web banners and any other needs that crop up.
We are looking for a cyclist, someone who heads out and rides the roads of Colorado. We want someone who works on their bike and knows all the parts of it. We are looking for a talented designer who can provide quick turn around with a high quality product. We need a person who is ready to work with our staff. If this sounds like you then we want to hear from you!

What we need:
-Minimum 3 years professional experience
-Portfolio showing both experience in print and web design
-Master of all Adobe Creative Suite programs
-The ability to keep up with thousands of different products, images and descriptions
-Writing skills for creating short but informative product descriptions.
-Deliver designs on time to our printers and work with the printers to optimize the printing process

-collaboration and production of 4 catalogs a year
-collaboration and production of web advertisements
-collaboration and production of web banners for our site
-collaboration and production of print advertisements
-collaboration and production of in house needs
-organization and prioritizing all projects to meet deadlines
-proof reading and copy editing
-ability to meet all deadlines.

This is a full time job with benefits; we are paying hourly depending on experience. Cyclists are a plus so please let us know about your cycling experience. Please check out our website at http://www.excelsports.com and send your resume and portfolio to Job@excelsports.com
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