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Triathlon Clinic in Greater Toronto (Pickering)
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Hey all,

There is a Triathlon Clinic at the Pickering Rec Centre, starting this Sunday. The schedule is as follows (from posted flyer)

Triathlon Clinics

1. Sunday May 4th 10am to noon: "From Beginner to Finisher" Introduction to Triathlon, training plans, equipment, clothing, training principles, injury prevention and Q&A

2. Monday May 12 8-9:30pm "The Swim" learn training methods and techniques. Bring your suit, we will be getting in the pool!

3. Tuesday May 20th 7-8:30pm "The Bike" Learn training methods and techniques, equipment

4. Monday May 26th 7-8:30pm "The Run" Learn training methods and techniques

5. Tuesday June 3rd 7-8:30pm "The Race" Preparing to race, what to expect on race day, transitions.

All clinics will be held at the Pickering Recreation Complex. Fee is $30 for all 5 clinics for health club members and swim members, $35 for non-members. Or pick and choose for $6.50 per clinic. Pre-registration is recommended. Call 905-683-6582 and ask for Karen or Nancy for more information.

I believe that one of the Canadian coaches may be providing the clinic. That was the rumour and I have not verified that yet. I am going to attend, for $30 what the hell. If you are in the Toronto area, or know someone who is and is a newbie, I think that this might be a worthwhile clinic. At any rate, hopefully I (we) will meet more Triathletes or wannabe triathletes around Toronto.


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Re: Triathlon Clinic in Greater Toronto (Pickering) [Tri-ing in TO] [ In reply to ]
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Looks like a good series. Can't beat the price. Almost enough to make me want to go and visit my old hometown.
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