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Request to have Jamie Whitmore placed above the line
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Slowman and CLM,
Although I don't know you and have never met you.....I would like to ask if you would please make Jamie Whitmore's site one of your above the line posts on this and the Triathlon forum. If you could please have someone write a post with Jamie's current story.(She has had another surgery)

I met Jamie at a race once, I have heard and read amazing things about her......she needs this forum's help.....she needs prayers......she needs donations.....she needs to get on an Extreme Makeover TV show and she can get that from this amazing forum of racers.....people just like her that have worked their butts off to just finish a race or have worked really hard every day to be the best they can be. They say that most people are 6 degrees removed from the actual person that they need to connect with.....I believe that through this forum we can get Jamie what she needs using our 6 degrees.

Please post a note above your "Welcome to the Women's Forum" line for Jamie Whitmore because even though I don't know her personally - I know that she is racing the race of her life and deserves to be above the line with support from all of us on this forum to get her to the finish line strong!!

Imagine winning Xterra and being the champion above all others.....imagine then to be told that you could never race again, that your leg would forever not work the way it once had, that your muscle would have to be removed to save your life....imagine just for a second how it would feel to realize as you awaken from surgery that you do not have a gluteal muscle that use to allow you to rip up trails on your mountain bike....imagine that you would be happy to know that you might be able to walk again......then pray for Jamie because she has just lived what you just imagined.


Thank you Slowman and CLM......I appreciate anything that you can do for this amazing girl and her race to the finish

Respectfully submitted and requested by Mary James

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Re: Request to have Jamie Whitmore placed above the line [Mary] [ In reply to ]
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Anybody feeling sorry for themselves due to a bad race, or a bad day at work? Wow! This is one tough lady that needs all the prayers, good kharma, whatever you believe, from all of us. You'll be at the top of my list when I hit my knees tonight Jamie.
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