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STI to Bar End Conversion for road bike?
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I have a road bike (Kestrel 200 EMS) I use for tri and am thinking about setting it up with bar end shifters for tri racing season. Has anyone out there tried those Profile Design adaptors or can you tell me what is involved in moving from STI to bar end shifters? Is it a major pain in the ass? I already have a separate stem and cow horn bar set up I use for flatter races (swapping out the drop bars and more upright stem) but have still been using STI shifters.

Always looks kind of odd to me to see my STI shifters on cow horn bars. Is is really much of an aero and rider position advantage to switch over to bar end shifters?


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No problem [ In reply to ]
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The change you describe is pretty simple. It is no more difficult than replacing shifter and brake cables. Yes, it is a pain since you will have to readjust all of your cable tensions and your derailleur adjustments.

Good luck.
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