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HELP! Need a credit card


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Jan 18, 06 18:33

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Re: HELP! Need a credit card [Paulo] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

If you have money and no credit . Years ago I sent First bank card $600 they limit you to what ever you send as an account deposit ( incase you dont pay ),you can link it to your savings / auto pay . But if you get close to your limit just pay it off online from anywhere , every few days ,if you spend a lot.

If you Close the account get you deposit back After a year get any card you like. YOU HAVE A CREDIT HISTORY NOW

The $600 is nice to start out with as you watch it closer than , a normal card.

Cash is KING ,,,,,But you need cards for Car rentals - online stuff .If you have NO MONEY FORGET THE DEVILS CARD.

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Do you take blood pressure medication?
If so, is it a beta blocker (like Atenolol), an ace inhibitor (like Lisinopril), both, or something else? And, do you exhibit side effects that bother (yes) or don't bother (no) your racing and training? High BP for this poll means systolic of at least 140, diastolic above 90.
Beta blocker - no
Beta blocker - yes
Ace inhibitor - no
Ace inhibitor - yes
Both - no
Both - yes
Other - no
Other - yes
My high BP not treated with drugs
I don't know if my BP is high or not
I don't know what my BP is
I don't have high BP