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Kona Roll Call...
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Hi Folks:
Well, after a hiatus, the Slowtwitch Crew, Slowman, Fredly, Montyman, and I are headed back to Kona. We will be there all week, some of us til Friday PM, the rest until Sunday PM.
I'm in charge of the Party on Monday the 3rd (there's a thread about that...) Slowman will be doing his elder statesman/expert thing, fredly making sure pro bikes are working perfectly, and Monty being himself, keeping us all in good spirits.
Who else is gonna be there?!

Hope to meet some of you all.

Karen ST Concierge
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Re: Kona Roll Call... [STConcierge] [ In reply to ]
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Have fun! I cancelled my trip. Hopefully the dual race days go well and don't send the locals over the edge.

Nashville, TN
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