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Hiring in Boulder Colorado- Videographer / Editor / DP
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Hey Slowtwitch-

We're looking for an experienced DP who can handle projects from Pre production through Post-production. Being knowledgeable about / experience shooting endurance sports & action sports is beneficial. This could be you or someone you know.

Check out the link for more info:


The above poster is a physiologist employed FastTalkLabs. However, statements are not made on behalf of nor reflective of FastTalkLabs in any manner... unless they're good, then they count.
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Re: Hiring in Boulder Colorado- Videographer / Editor / DP [xtrpickels] [ In reply to ]
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For your projects you can easily find or hire a freelancer with relevant DP portfolio. Try to search on some famous freelance bases services (LinkedIn / Freelancer). If a freelancer requests a contract or invoice you can use this service https://easystaff.io/. They provide reliable support with the documents preparation.
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