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road signs and motorists
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i thought i'd start another thread because this isn't about a war on motorists, but on making them more aware. i lived in cincinnati for four years and around the city there are road signs (diamond shaped, yellow and black, like lots of road signs) that have a bicycle and under it the text "share the road". now that i don't live there, i'm aware of how much i appreciate them. cincinnati (or at least the eastern suburbs where i lived, around anderson township, indian hill, madeira, milford...) has fairly terrible roads for cycling (little to no shoulder, very narrow lanes, etc.) and i had very few problems with motorists. i think that part of it is due to the fact that cincinnati drivers are very courteous to begin with, but i think they also realized that cyclists belong on the road. once you leave the city and its suburbs and head out into semi-rural areas (where the roads are wider, with shoulders, which should make things even better) people are much worse than in the city. (i'm not bashing people who live in rural areas here, but has experience taught anybody else that less developed areas have a greater proportion of rude drivers? it seems that in cities, people are just used to dealing with not having a road all to themselves, and are therefore more accomodating; but in the country, where you can drive down state route 79 at 80 mph. because there are few other vehicles, the smallest thing, like a cyclist on the road, becomes something to be angry about. maybe that's just my limited experience and it could be untrue for other areas.)

anyway, i'll be back in cincinnati in a few weeks and i'm going to take a picture of one of the signs to take to my city council and send to the county seat and state dept. of transportation here in utah. i'm hoping to get signs like that put up around the state, especially on roads where cyclists ride a lot. maybe we can improve things a bit. i think i'm going to print out some of the stories of recent cyclist deaths and the stuff about the n.j. radio show and things like that to show the people who make decisions that the populace needs to be educated about sharing the roads with cyclists.

if anybody wants a copy of the picture, email me and i'll send a digital copy to you. i'll be out of town for a few weeks, and i'm getting married and moving in august, so it may be as long as a month or two before i get these sent to people, but i think it's important so i'll try to do it quickly. anyway, you can send an email to numbunworld@hotmail.com.

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