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computrainer topo tips needed
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I have not had any luck in building a course with the new software. My problem is when I come to choices in a direction to go I may go the long route but the program jumps back to take a shorter route. I am also having trouble when the course crosses streets Ido not want on my course. Any quick directions on using this Program? Have tried to contact them but they seem to be off this week

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Re: computrainer topo tips needed [trirat] [ In reply to ]
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I struggled with this for a couple of hours and finally figured it out. No thanks to the "instructions" that came with the programs. There may be other ways to do it but here's what works for me.

Start creating your course with the drawing tool located at the bottom of the page in the top right box of the 6 boxes under "draw". Click on your start point and simply add the next point in a connect the dots fashion. When you have your course completed, you need to create a start point. Click the "route" button at the bottom of the screen and then right click on the point where you want the course to start. A pop up menu will appear and you can select"create route" and then "set as start". If you have a closed loop course you don't need to select a finish point. If not add a finish point in the same way.

Next you need to click on profile at the bottom of the screen. Then go to the map and left click on anywhere on the course and your profile should appear at the bottom of the screen. For some reason the program likes to also connect the start and finish with a shortest route line but ignore this.

Click on "export to racermate"
and you are done with this program.

If you go to the course creating program and follow the instructions to open your saved profile you should be set to go.

You also need to go to computrainer.com and download the latest software patch or your courses will look like a flat line when you try to load them into Computrainer 3D.

Sorry to be so long winded. If you need any more help, let me know.

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