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Winter tyre and tube storage
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Hey everyone,

Just a quick question.
Now that I’m riding indoors for the winter months, I change out my tyres and rims for the trainer. My questions is:
How should I store my racing tyres, rims and tubes while not in use?
I usually take the tube out fully deflated and hand it up. Rims hang from my ceiling on a cushioned hanger and tyres the same.
Should I be doing something different?
Does leaving them hanging in the same position for 6 months create weak spots etc?

Thanks guys and gals.

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Re: Winter tyre and tube storage [Quinny98] [ In reply to ]
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Let's just assume you are using latex tubes with sealant. The sealant will dry over the winter, so as long as you are doing all this work, you can remove the valve core and drain the sealant.

I dont think there are any issues with hanging the wheels. If you have aero wheels that use a cover (e.g., HED Jets), rather than structural carbon, you could not hang them, but this is getting border line too anal.
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