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Triswim Zealios Exershield SOAP
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Having reviewed the existing posts on Zealios products, I was wondering if anyone might volunteer input on comparisons with the washing products of Triswim (body wash or shampoo) and Exershield (which has the advantage, marketing-wise at least, of being both shampoo & bodywash). If there is another “sworn by” chlorine remediation product out there I’d love to know as well. Thanks for your time.

*I’m already going to invest in the Zealios sunscreen to try out
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Re: Triswim Zealios Exershield SOAP [Mattyc44] [ In reply to ]
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I'm using ReflectH20, but not religiously, as I find it pretty expensive. Maybe once a week. Other than that, I'm using regular shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (using Dove for Men now, but I'm not picky) seems to work pretty well, I do scrub with one of those "puff" things or else I can get itchy. As long as I do that after every swim, no issues.

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