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Tri class
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If you have read my post about teaching a tri class at the local fitness center I have more news. More people ask about it everyday, it starts next week, it's free, I plan to have everyone carpool to their 1st tri together in April!, AND the new news!!!!! One of the editors at the news paper just signed up. I hope to talk him into doing a human interest story about his experience and his 1st event!
We are a small town of 18,000 we hold a Crit , 3 MTB races, planning a cyclecross race, a duathlon and hopefully soon a triathlon. And now 10-15 new triathletes, we already have around 10.
The local bike shop has trek , lemond, CERVELO.
If you are interested in some Missouri web sites
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Congrats! Way to spread the good word.
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