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Transition from winter run focus
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I am trying to plan out my tri season and could use some advice from the combined wisdom of Slowtwitch. I just finished 3.5 months of run focus which yielded tremendous gains (nearly 4 minute PR in my half marathon after a couple years of stagnation). My goal race is Age Group Nationals OLY in early August, so I'm trying to devise a plan to allow a few weeks of recovery now, then maintain as much of my run gains as possible through my tri season.

So my first question is 1. How do I give myself enough recovery that I don't burn out as I build through my tri season (I am working off the assumption that I would fail if I try to go directly from a run training cycle to a tri training cycle without a brief off-season)?

And 2. How do I maintain as much run speed as possible through the season while also maximizing the other disciplines?

Basic details:
-I have been running about 40-45 miles per week this year, last tri season I only managed to average ~20 mpw through an assortment of 6 or 3 milers with an occasional 8 miler.
-I have maintained a bit of swimming with 1 swim per week this year, I should be good with only 2 per week throughout the season (swim background).
-I've done almost no cycling and can normally only manage a ride 2-3 times per week due to work/family needs. However, cycling is my strength and I can generally ride FOP with relatively low mileage.
-I historically perform best with consistent strength training (1-2 per week for ~15 minutes/session).
-I generally only have 60-90 minutes per day to dedicate to training, but can occasionally squeeze a longer ride in on Saturday mornings (50-60 mile group ride or something).

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