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Transition from 6 days of training to bike commute
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Here in Canada, bike commute usually start around end of April. I have right now a 6 days program including swim, bike and run. One hour per day during the week and 5 hours during the weekend with one day off equal 9 hours.

My question : My race is end of June, how can I integrate my 50km/2 hours per day commute ride in the weekly training program ?

Should I only keep the swim and run ?


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Re: Transition from 6 days of training to bike commute [mchampoux99] [ In reply to ]
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Intervals on the bike, stretch one or two rides home for a longer session. have a day or two with short hard intervals, between sets of lights or somesuch, and others with slower but longer if possible. take the rest easy.
Drop the other bike sessions, I am guessing you are not doing more than 250km week atm?
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