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Stationary Events This Week
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These are all Zwift Events

Slowtwitch Structured Training
Tuesday, 4:00pm Pacific. If you click from your mobile, and you have the Zwift Companion App installed, this'll come right up.

Hilly Vanilli
Thursday, 5:50pm Pacific Time. We are CHANGING this ride, in 2 ways. First, note the NEW time. Second, note a new format: the D group leaves at 5:50pm. the C or C- group leaves at 5:55pm. Then the C/C+ (scratch) group leaves at 6pm straight up. The goal of the later leavers is to catch the earlier. The goal of the earlier leavers is to hang with the faster group if and when you get caught. Everyone rides until 7pm-ish.

Festina Lente
Friday, 8am Eastern time, 5am Pacific Time: Sorta like Tuesday, just a different time. Structured Training.

Dan Empfield
aka Slowman
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