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Seth's Bike Hacks Auctions Orange P7 MTB for Charity, Day One Bid Already At $52,400
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This is for the Xterra and MTB folk here.

Seth's Bike Hacks is, arguably, the biggest name in MTB in North America if not the world. 2.1million YouTube subscribers. New videos regularly get 300k+ views per day.

So for those who haven't watched his channel since the beginning, his Orange P7 was one of the first bikes he had on his channel and was featured in many of his adventures. He decided to rebuild it for today's video and auction it off with the proceeds going to the buyer's local trail.

Well somebody is about to get some sweet trail upgrades because one day into the bidding and the price is already north of $52,000: https://www.ebay.com/itm/353191492370

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