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Sam Long's new YouTube channel
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He's got his first video up, shot and edited by Kenny Withrow. He goes for the KOM running (!) up Lefthand Canyon to Ward. Well, he's the first person to ever post that run to Strava, but the effort is worthy of calling it a KOM. I wonder if anyone else will give it a try. 16.86 miles, 3400 feet of elevation gain. The last 1 to 1.5 miles or so is at 11%. This is a classic Boulder ride that Sam grabbed the KOM on earlier in the year, but nobody runs it....

Ed O'Malley
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Re: Sam Long's new YouTube channel [RowToTri] [ In reply to ]
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I tried to watch this morning on the Trainer. I turned it off 2 min in, it's almost worse than watching Triathlon Taren. This one is not for me.

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