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SC: Fort Mill/Tega Cay/Indian Land
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Looks like we're going to spend some time just south of Charlotte. How's Fort Mill/Tega Cay/Indian Land for tri training/riding?

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Re: SC: Fort Mill/Tega Cay/Indian Land [audiojan] [ In reply to ]
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I mainly ride 3 routes if you want to get 30+ miles in.

If you're going early or weekends, you can go Rock Hill 161 to York, and back around the north side Lake Wylie. I also go up near the Charlotte airport (Shopton Road), and you can go further if you go up Sam Wilson road. I mostly like to go out to Waxhaw and Vanwyck. Take Doby's Bridge out to 521 South and you go down to Vanwyck Road to Lancaster (West of 521). Or you can go East of 521 and there are a lot of light traffic roads south of Waxhaw.

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