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Re: Runners, calf strain? [thebuzzle] [ In reply to ]
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I have recently had the same symptoms and after foam rolling my whole lower leg I experienced a slow recovery from a possible strain. Mainly I have found it was due to what an MRI revealed as a lot of scar tissue. I tried a technique called Graston which is somewhat painful but turned out to be the most successful for me. Well worth the short duration when the Graston was being performed.
Cheers Pat
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Re: Runners, calf strain? [Billyk24] [ In reply to ]
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Billyk24 wrote:
Look up Mad Calf Disease or Calf Heart Attack. It is a pain in the rear end and can last for years.

Yes, this.

I have been dealing with this off and on, mostly on, for the past bunch of years.

I got my first Mad Calf disease/Calf Heart attack about a dozen years ago, after I turned 40.
Was able to get beyond it mostly, and got back to running like normal for several years, but then late in 2012 it happened again, right during the Harrisburg marathon.
(which was the week after the NYC Marathon got cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy)

It really has never been the same since.

I've had times where for several months I can get running fairly consistently (by my "new" terms - of at least 15 mpw, where my typical minimum used to be 30 mpw), only to have it randomly pop back up again.
Was having a really great year this year, since like mid-Dec, but then 5 weeks ago I had a twinge in one calf during a 5m race, and then the following weekend the other calf knotted up during a trail run.

Stuff that kinda works for me:
LMT sports massage/ART beatdowns
keeping well hydrated
foam rolling, before and after, and at night

A lot of it is kinetic chain related.
I'm an old white guy, so stuff gets tight or stiff in some parts of my body (hips, ITBs, whatever) and throws other stuff out of whack.

Speaking of whack - it's like playing Whack-A-Mole - there's always something else cropping up someplace.

It sucks getting old.
But still better than the alternative.

Good luck!!

float , hammer , and jog

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