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RIP savageman 70.0
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Got this email today from VTS/MTS. Sad -- this was on my bucket list, only for the reason that it was so difficult. Was planning on doing it several years ago but could not due to injury. The tough bike course was this race, don't see how changing it is going to increase participation.

SavageMan 60: The all new SavageMan 60 consists of a 1.2 mile swim, a 50.0 mile bike, and a 10 mile run. For 11 years the SavageMan Triathlon has been internationally renowned and garnering the top spot on triathlon bucket lists largely due to the extreme difficulty and amazing beauty of the SavageMan 70 bike course. We are incredibly reluctant to make any changes to this iconic race, and particularly to its bike course. However, participation has been dwindling and if the event is to be sustained changes are necessary, so we have come up with the new SavageMan 60 which keeps all of the flavor, all of the beauty (and more!) and much of the challenge of the SavageMan 70 while reducing the distance and extremity of the race just slightly.

On the bike, the Westernport Wall - and the tradition of bricks in the wall for those who clear it cleanly - continue with the SavageMan 60. The 7 mile, 2000+' slog up Big Savage Mountain also remains. Gone, however, are the repeated blows of 0.5 - 1.0 mile 10-15+% grades on McAndrews Hill, Otto Lane, Killer Miller, Maynardier Ridge, replaced by an 8 mile flat, aerobar-friendly dragstrip alongside Savage River and a 3.1 mile, 1100' climb up the incredible Dry Run Rd. Yes, it's a shame to lose the sawtooth profile of the repeated steep climbs and descents of the back half of the SavageMan 70 course, but Savage River and Dry Run Rd are truly something special and need to be experienced to be understood.

On the run, 3 miles is shed off the distance to reduce it to a 10 mile run, but the challenge remains as the legendary Fire Tower Rd and the top of the Campground Loop remain in use.
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Re: RIP savageman 70.0 [Rrr8400] [ In reply to ]
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The bike course remains insane if that's the reason it was on your bucket list (a good reason). 5 miles shorter and the repeated beating of short, steep climbs from miles 30-40 has been replaced with a single, long, hard climb. And, it'll certainly be the hardest 10 miles you'll run all year.

You snipped out changes just to the 70. However, changes were made across the entire weekend of events, including moving the Olympic (30) onto the same day as the 70 (now 60), which only added to reasons to alter the 70, such as to make two routes that overlap maximally in order to be able to sufficiently support both of them.

Anyway, longer post in the other thread. I hope people embrace the changes and give it a shot. I doubt it, but I hope so. Because if this doesn't help alter the trendline then I think we all know what the next change will be.

I posted previously on the other thread with more details on the whats and the whys.
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