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R8050 front derailleur "screaming noise" - help needed
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I noticed my R8050 Front Derailleur got super loud when I shift from the big to the small ring but don't pedal right away. I sometimes have to do this if I am working on the bike and I don't have the stand (shift, lift the bike then pedal it). Any suggestions what to check on this? The derailleur looks set up properly, i.e. cage over the teeth, aligned with the rings, it's dialed in in big/big, small/small, big ring/small cog per manual.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuAegTs ... e=youtu.be . Watch the full video, there's a second noise at the end.
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Re: R8050 front derailleur "screaming noise" - help needed [jencvo] [ In reply to ]
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Sounds like it is hitting the limit screw/setting (or jamming on something) and can't throw as far as it wants to... but I have only had that issues on the RD, not even sure if it is possible on the FD.

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